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Dark Side

«There is nothing darker than those torches that we need not to see in the midst of darkness, but to see the darkness.»(Seneca, Letters to Lucilius, 64 AD)


II issue


[Past Participle of clicher «stereotyping», an onomatopoeic voice that originally expressedthe noise of the matrix fallingon the melting metal].1. Generic name, in use, spec. inthe past, in the graphic arts (alsoin the Italian cliscè adaptation),to indicate the zincographic matrix for illustrations to be included in letterpress forms. - 2. fig. Expression without originality, often repeated, and therefore annoying; sentence made, stereotyped, abused; concept or judgment now crystallized; behavior, banal, obvious.


I issue

Apollo 11

What does Apollo 11 inspire before, during and after its performance? How can we measure its impact on mankind – and more specifically on architecture and design – related to both levels of ideals and materiality?


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