Issue 2 – Cliché

[Past Participle of clicher «stereotyping», an onomatopoeic voice that originally expressedthe noise of the matrix fallingon the melting metal].1. Generic name, in use, spec. inthe past, in the graphic arts (alsoin the Italian cliscè adaptation),to indicate the zincographic matrix for illustrations to be included in letterpress forms. – 2. fig. Expression without originality, often repeated, and therefore annoying; sentence made, stereotyped, abused; concept or judgment now crystallized; behavior, banal, obvious.

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Issue 1 – Apollo 11

What does Apollo 11 inspire before, during and after its performance? How can we measure its impact on mankind – and more specifically on architecture and design – related to both levels of ideals and materiality?

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Illustration of the earth, the moon with and the moon rocket Saturn V used for the Apollo 11 mission