Colors are not only physical characteristics of an object, but they have meaning and take on values according to culture, territory, historical epochs.
The landing on the Moon is linked with the change of Silver from material to color, a symbol always precious, but certainly with a stronger imaginative component.
What is merely a metal becomes a color, but only after an incredible event. The change is the co-present feature in the Moon and in the Silver, for example the moon phases or the shine, but above all the reflection phenomenon. They are both mirror and reflection, absorbing – and attracting – to themselves whatever is in front of. The shiny side of the Moon is a group of images that develops the theme of color that goes beyond the material, acquires its properties, reflexive brilliance, but returns its mystery as characteristic of an ultra-terrestrial element, near and far at the same time.

The shiny side of the Moon © Vanessa Staccioli

Vanessa Staccioli

Art junior based in Florence. Typography and colors at work, flea markets in free time. Coffee to recharge me, lasagna to feel good!

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