In the era of hyper-production, supported by the falsely meritocratic system fed by the viral consent without content, we want everything at once. We want it technological and connected, but also comfortable and at a low price, possibly with zero impact and without preservatives. We want it crafted but paid in installments, we want it at home but freshly baked. We want it equal to that of everyone else but with the label in sight. It must be signed but it must seem like we have worn it without thinking too much.

Fortunately, we have the maX media, which have reversed the way information is made. No matter what the content, we will certainly not use it to make you change your mind or open your mind. We will write it, photograph it and share it to produce followers, to reflect your opinion, of which we are not interested but from which we gain, if shared with a loud voice. We do not know what you would like or what you want in absolute, but we know what you would prefer in general, and we will give it to you, of every shape, size, weight, color and price. Sometimes you won’t even have to ask. The future is of little interest to us because most of the systems that nourish human life look to the present, because they feed on and in the present in turn, because they gain on the present. We will continue like this until the end, we do not want to leave you even a day without comfort, as long as you are willing to pay for it at a high price, of which you do not know the real dimension because it affects something that is much larger than the warm space contained within your pockets : the whole world.

We will tell you that the future will be bright, your cities will sparkle, very high, tapered, glazed, plastic, metallic, clean, intelligent, connected, silent, safe. We will find a way to save the planet, the environment, the last or all the humans. But we will not tell you at what price.

maX media © Luca Fabbri

Photo Credits

The image is composed using: an ancient picture of the San Michele bridge over the Adda river; photograph of the Flatiron Building, NY; Le Radeau de la Méduse, painting by Théodore Géricault.

Luca Fabbri x Burning City

Genovese, ‘95. I hold a bachelor in Science of Architecture. I’m student at Politecnico di Milano. I’m editor of Agorà Magazine and mayor of Burning City. I draw horrible things.