A Hymn to Originality

Do not stand out
Imitate before you enter
Follow the form, the colour and the name
Weep over the old archetype
In the primordial desert of mimicry
We pray for a new cliché

The Temple of the Archetype offers a chance for worshippers to pray for a new cliché. It lies on a roof top of a typical contemporary residential building on the outskirts of Cairo. The mass production of typical satellite dishes scattered over the rooftops creates an unutilized unique typology. The satellite dishes transcending towards the Sun are weeping over the stalemate of their state. A new authentic piece of technology may replace them forever. Hence, the metamodernist debris does not want an authentic alternative as they prefer the status quo. Ultimately, the dishes resemble humanity’s despise for the uncommon and the exceptional.

Credits: All materials are provided by the author.

Mohamed Elkurdi

Mohamed Elkurdi is an architect and urban designer based in Cairo. He owns Fish+Cookies an interdimensional design kitchenette that aims to mirror the socio-political and environmental gestures of the universe. On Instagram: @mohamed.elkurdi