“As a local” was one of the famous motto of Airbnb. The sense was that every tourist, starting from inhabiting, can live the city as a local and can have a deep experience of traditions, history and culture of the place. The unwelcome surprise is to find yourself in a homologous and conventional location as a Ikea’s catalogue home. From LA to Berlin to Nairobi, all over the world inhabiting is now a globalization and consumerism victim. Probably we don’t want to live as a local but we want to live as our conventional home. Goodbye identity of places! You are welcome cliché of inhabiting!

Polaroids are blurred screenshot from Airbnb platform. For every place in the world was choosed one of the most popular flat on Airbnb.

Ami Licaj

Designerly processes lover, applicated at every digital/social/intangible/futuristic thing. From 2013 I combine freelance work with academic research at UniGe’s Architecture and Design Department (DAD).

On Instagram: @a_mi_l