The love relationship between designers and the Adobe Suite it built upon mystery ad curious anecdotes, the most famous ouns being the willingness that designers have to do bow in front of software even when it refuses to perform simple tasks to a tendency to accept any sudden and unexplainable crash, that usually happens during saving times (forcing the victim to lose hours of precious work).
The subject, during the mistreatment caused by the software, experience positive feelings toward his tormentor, sometimes even love and total devotion, knowing that without it he won’t be able to work anyway.
The images represent some examples of typical errors (clichés) of the programs and the presumed (ironic) reactions of the unfortunate designer (clichés too).

Martina Cavalieri

Design Ph.D. student at UniGe and graphic designer focused on logotypes and web interfaces. My research revolves mostly around the areas of inclusive design and digital accessibility.

On Instagram: @martinacavalieri_