A stereotype is a generalization, often false or inaccurate, culturally determined.Although at first glance they may seem harmless, many stereotypes become harmful or discriminatory. Some people, in fact, consider them reliable and credible guides despite their bizarre content.

Gender stereotypes are among the most deep-rooted constructs of our society and are being used daily, often without bad intentions, by most of us. Ignoring their power to shape our mindsets and social behavior may bring to the perpetration of antiquated and irrational social expectations on both men and women.

Stereotipi Rotti is an experiment being carried out on an Instagram profile opened in June 2020.Every day we post a nonsense stereotype on women or men by distorting Italian common sayings and existing stereotypes. Visually, we use a simple template based on the most obvious and pointless gender stereotype: girls are pink, boys love blue.

And if our stereotypes may sound meaningless, you will find that, seen up close, ALL stereotypes are broken.

Daniele Bonanzinga and Annapaola Vacanti

We eat poke-bowls and try to contain the amount of beer in our systems while jumping from one project to the next. You may call us hipsters; you may be right.
On Instagram: @reganisso_ and @annapaolavacanti