During the last months, due to the 2020 quarantine, staying at home has become the cliché of our lives. Every single day, every moment, we were at home. During this period the most important thing to do was staying at home, in order to preserve the health of other people and to prevent a further pick of the infection. During the past years it happened to me to go on Google Maps and see how my daily routine home-work-home could have variations, where did I go, which means of transport I used. There was no elsewhere than home, there were no means of transport variation, everything was in the same location, at home. Staying inside our houses was a necessary evil, but that’s what we had to do. It has become an habit, a cliché, personal and collective in the repetition of permanence as in the repetition of single and common actions.

Luca Sala

Young architect working in Milan, passionate about photography and design.
On Instagram: @liuksala