Hell is round the corner

video shoot: Martina Capurro
audio track: “Hell is round the corner” from the album: “Maxinquaye” by Tricky, 1995.

Hell is round the corner wants to be a video representation of the protagonist’s path-real and figurative. An attempt to show the melancholy mood with which the guy crosses the city. A wish to illustrate the cyclic repetition that characterizes the narrative context. 

The visual story begins when the guy wears the VR lens: from there begins a way made up of different roads, directions and places; always crossed with a hanging head, always with a bad mood. Light and shadow mingle with each other. Light and shadow are indifferent to those who do not look up from the ground.

The soundtrack amplifies the dark mood of the story: “I stand firm for our soil / Hell is ’round the corner where I shelter / Let me take you down the corridors of my life” sings Tricky, and these could be the unspoken words, the thoughts in the head of the protagonist of the story. The solo journey ends with the meeting with a girl, Magda. It is only at this point that the protagonist raises his gaze and looks at his surroundings for the first time.

Martina Capurro

(just completed) PhD in Architecture and Design at the University of Genoa./ visual designer / full-time procrastinator / lost-time princess.

On Instagram: @martina.cpr