Happier fitter comfortably numb

«However, look at them, they are not real, don’t exist, no Paint no glue no materials only bits, a cold, long, organized sequence of 0s and 1s, unreal minimal digital, and this one I hate this painting, and I hate whoever bought it for me.»

I have taken numerous photos where dark is not black but a general perception of the emotions generated by the environment and the situation; nor it’s the mist itself either, that can on the contrary be poetic and dreamy. My feeling of (the bad side of) darkness is lack of clarity, dizziness of the mind, superficiality, result of the overwhelming information overload worsened by the speed, rush, anxiety, lack of time to focus and really get in touch with what surrounds us, inability to really connect to others in this hyper connected life and even with the inner selves. Staring at the rapid hypnotic sequence of the different images, that represent the amount of information and experiences of a person, new shapes form and the unreal becomes visible. Getting conscious of the sick dissonant rhythm of today’s [over]civilized world can lead to strong challenges for a needed change. Totally different is the positive darkness that can be found instead in silence, in surrendering to an inclusive solitude, creating the absence of outer stimulus, learning to filter and let go, enhancing calm, inner peace and deep subconscious connection.

Gessica Puri

Visionary empath yoga trainee and teacher, design thinking researcher, visual artist interested in emotions and abstractions, unsung hidden details and imperfections and the experience of creative process. 

On Instagram: @gessicapart