This graphic shows a virtual configuration of the oloid; it is the three-dimensional developable surface that was discovered by Paul Schatz in 1929. The proposed model is used to merge philosophy and complex geometry.

On the one hand, there is the philosophical and methodological principle of holism – from Greek ὅλος meaning “all, whole, entire” – for which reality is irreducible to the mere sum of its individual parts. On the other hand, there is the geometry of the oloid characterized by its unique symmetry and the ensuing consistent centre of mass. This complex geometry epitomizes the continuous and relentless mankind’s evolution with its hypnotic revolution movement. Therefore, Apollo’s mission is not understood as a single exceptional achievement, but as a single part of the entire ever-evolving present reality we are facing.

H-oloid © Andrea Quartara

Andrea Quartara

PhD Licensed Architect. He published chapters and monograph with IGI Global and Springer. He investigated digital fabrication for architecture. Andrea has interest in nature, photography and MTB.

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