dog croquettes

Alarm clock. Rings Time by Pink Floyd. Between a REM phase and a shower I dream of taking but am not doing.
Slippers. I crumple, give kibble to my dog. A hearty bowl. Then I put a coffee on the stove. I end up not understanding where I start and he ends. It happens every morning. So it’s my dog putting a coffee on the stove and me ravenously devouring a big bowl of kibble, him putting on his slippers and him dreaming of a shower that he is not taking but will take.
The alarm clock rings. Time by Pink Floyd.
“Did I already say that?”

Barbara Ludovico

Architect, teacher and passionate about natural materials and self-construction. I am intrigued by participatory processes, tactical urban planning and the design of spaces for learning.

On Instagram: @barbara_ludovico

Francesca Vercellino

Heyhey! I’m Francesca. Currently PhD student in Service design. I previously studied architecture. I’m interested in social design, children’s illustrations, the theater of the absurd and the plant world!