The United States dollar is the most important currency in the world, despite the current competition from the Euro and the Yuan. From the end of the Second World War until the end of the twentieth century it also represented one of the symbols of the well-being and opulence of the western capitalist system.

$ 1 is the fundamental unit of the entire system. The obverse represented in this matrix began its course in 1963, while the reverse side has remained identical since 1935. The effigy of George Washington, the foundation of the American federal state, is used for the basic cut of the dollar’s monetary system. This choice dates back to the 1869 edition.

The matrices used to make the banknotes are indicated by the term “cliché”.

The clichés are intended to be consumed in the process of producing other objects/devices. The intensity of this production can be altered, but it is nonetheless an inexorable process.

Consumption is actually the real motivation of the need to create clichés, for quantity and rapid production. The consumption system is the basis of the market economy, at least the western/capitalist one.

The dollar is the embodiment of the capitalist system and the so-called “consumer society”. The cliché with George Washington’s effigy is an extraordinary synthesis: it is the cliché of the cliché of capitalism system. From “negative” to overall results, the matrix is the indispensable premise of the final outcomes.

Often today we focus on the result achieved, without thinking about the origins and how the subsequent development took place. The origin can be embodied by a cliché, which is  the matrix for the creation of other objects. Moreover, clichés themselves are born by intense and often decisive projects.

Luigi Mandraccio, Matilde Pitanti, Alessia Ronco Milanaccio, Francesca Vercellino

We found analogies with many quartets, but none of them really represented the strength of The Sign of the Four. So, think of us as something in between the Four and the Ninja Turtles.

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