Talking about love or hate, talking about male or female; talking about landscape or talking about built is talking about clichés (conventions or stereotypes).
Love is good, hate is bad. Architecture is artificial (solid volumes), landscape is natural (soft surfaces).
Sacred love is pure, profane love is impure.
But we know that you can love and hate at the same time; you can be passionate and rational, sensitive and strong, light and solid; you can be volume and surface, building and landscape… or city and nature…: you can be hybrid, and therefore, mixed: “caché” (mysterious) more than “cliché” (imperious).
It can be in-between, mutable and ambivalent but certainly… adaptable and engaging.

Manuel Gausa Navarro

Full Professor of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. Associate Professor of Urban Design at the dAD, coordinator of the PhD and GIC Lab research Team. He was co-founder, professor and director of the IAAC in Barcelona.

On Instagram:  @manuelgausa